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SwitchEasy Wall Charger PowerBuddy Pro-GaN 65W with USB & USB-C Port Black

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PowerBuddy Pro is based on a ground-breaking semiconductor material, called gallium nitride (GaN), which enables PowerBuddy Pro to be made much smaller while operating at much higher voltages. In fact, PowerBuddy Pro is able to output 65W and is 37% smaller than the original Apple 61W power adapter. Couple with its beautiful matte surface treatment, and 2-stage cable management features, PowerBuddy Pro completely revolutionizes people’s conception of a power adapter. Equip with 1 USB and 2 Type-C output ports, and multi-function plugs, it solves the common problem of using one power adapter to charge multiple power-hungry electronic devices. PowerBuddy Pro gives you all the power you need.
  • Gallium nitride (GaN), high output 65W power at the much smaller package. 37% smaller than apple 61W power adapter.
  • Fast charging, supporting PD, QC3.0, Samsung, Huawei standards. Reduce charging time by 50%.
  • 1 USB and 2 Type-C output ports, One power adapter to power MacBook and iPad simultaneously.
  • Compact foldable-prongs for travel and storage.

SKU: 101-1497
UPC: 4897094568136
Model: GS6521411
Colour: Black
Device Compatibility: USB-C